Halloween Olive Spiders Recipe

Halloween Olive Spiders Recipe

Happy Halloween with Olive Spiders


Halloween Olive Spiders Recipe

in 3 steps in 30 seconds!


Super fast and super scary!

Add fun to your Halloween party table with treats inspired by Meditteranean-grown goodies for the foodies!

STEP 1. The Spider Bodies

 STEP 1 – Create the spider bodies
  • Hard boil the eggs and let them cool down
  • Chip them and cut them in half
  • Place half the olives on top of the half eggs, as shown in the picture

STEP 2. The Spider Legs

 STEP 2 – Create the spider legs
  • Cut some more olives in half 
  • Chop in thin slices from bottom to skin
  • Place by finding balance as shown in the picture 

STEP 3. Garnish and Deco

 Step 3 – Garnish and Decorate
  • Garnish with Herbs and Spices Mix
  • Drop Malva EVOO to create a psychedelic liquid effect


And voila! 

Happy Halloween with Olive Spiders from Lakonia!

Bonus Tips (to turn things spookier): 


🕸️Break the egg chip with a spoon before boiling them in colored water will make the eggs look like are caught in a spider’s web! 

🩸Use a drip of ketchup to simulate blood on one side of the egg!

🦇Let your imagination go wild! Use Halloween props with no limits! 



What is your favorite easy-to-make Halloween recipe? Share yours in the comments section below.

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