The prefecture of Lakonia is located on the sunny southern coast of Greece and it is considered to be one of the country’s most known places for the quality and the abundance of its olive trees. Its production has to offer a robust local cuisine full of tastes and remedies for our wellbeing.

At Lakonia Imports, we source the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils from olive groves throughout Lakonia. We share products with you that we also enjoy with our own families. When it comes to the cultivation of natural products, such as olives, herbs, teas, honey, balsamic etc., we use traditional means and sustainable practices, so that the customer will taste the purest and unique “flavor” of Greece. Additionally, we have created a network of handpicked suppliers that stay true and committed to our core values and quality standards delivering the Greek Experience every day.


"Experience wellbeing in daily life, with products made in Greek nature."


Malvasia aka Monemvasia is among the most famous municipalities, in Lakonia. It is a well-known destination for its unique medieval castle, which is situated on the rock and it is seen only by the sea. An old bridge connects the rock with the new town built later. Monemvasia in Greek means: “there is only one way to get in” (Mon’ – Emvasia). Poets and painters lived in the castle and when Greece was at war, it was a fortress. Our Village, Aghios Nikolaos refers to this municipality and it is 10klm distance from this amazing piece of our cultural heritage.



From the very beginning, we have felt that Lakonia Imports could serve a cause bigger than we thought. There is a saying in Greece that follows our mentality in diet: “We are what we eat.”

Lakonia Imports aims to inspire a healthier way of living, which strengthens the body and mind. Diet is the means of supporting a bigger idea: the wellbeing in daily life. In order to offer you the best of Greek nature’s, it is mandatory for us to protect it. Only then, you can feel the joy and the gratitude in your heart, in moment you share food with your loving ones or when you want to treat yourself to the best treat.

What matters the most to us, is to give you quality in the most natural way. From the first step of the process, until the moment you taste it, we respect this valuable resource, nature. Our products are our way of sharing and living together. Our care and values are put on them to inspire and motivate the whole world, if possible, to appreciate the treasure we all could have.


The team at Lakonia Imports is fortunate enough to be in the position to give back to our local community with our time and other resources. We strongly believe in the importance of supporting local causes, charities, and nonprofits and are happy to do our part. Find out more by clicking on Addi's Faith Foundation logo below.

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