Our Family's Olive Oil

Our Family's Olive Oil


The olive, nature’s precious gift from the Mediterranean and few other places in the world, is a fruit bore from the Oleaceae family of plants. Known for their longevity and history of cultivation, these evergreen miracles of nature produce have the outstanding ability to live for thousands of years!

Their beautiful fruit is produced and harvested when they are various shades of green or purple; however, black olives do not typically occur in nature and are instead developed through processing after they are harvested.


 Once harvested, they are pressed immediately, within 1 and 4 hours to be exact, to reduce any unwanted acidity and preserve the olive’s freshness and develop an exquisite flavor profile.

History surrounds MALVA’s farm, as evident in the Byzatinian ruins that grace the countryside throughout our village, but modern advances coexist with ancient traditions to produce a world-class product that honors the past while taking hold of the future. MALVA proudly produces some of the finest olive oils with respect for traditions and the environment while possessing the following:


• HACCP Certification

• BIO Certification

• Up-to-date facilities

• Latest technology equipment




Discover our international awards and certificates for our high-quality products and packaging design.


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