World Water Day 2022 – Ancient ground water

World Water Day 2022 – Ancient ground water

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“Saving water might seem to be a small thing, but it is actually big when everybody does their part… when you are saving water, you are not just protecting the lake or the stream in your neighborhood; you’re doing much more than that for ecosystems for the climate and for the planet.”

First recognized in 1993, Water Day focuses attention on the Earth’s most vital resource, ensuring clean water sources for all the world’s inhabitants is the goal of World Water Day.

2022’s theme is “Groundwater – making the invisible visible.”

One of Earth’s most valuable resources, groundwater exists in aquifers and saturated zones beneath the land surface. Researchers dated groundwater from over 6,000 wells around the globe and found that fossil groundwater—”water stored in aquifers for more than 12,000 years—accounts for between 42 and 85 percent of total aquifer storage in the upper kilometer of the Earth’s crust.” This fossil groundwater comprises the majority of groundwater pumped from wells deeper than 250 meters.

In comparison to surface water, groundwater has the added advantage of being less affected by climate change, as transpiration and evaporation are neutralized.


The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System is the largest known fossil water aquifer in the world. Spanning more than 2 million square kilometers across Sudan, Chad, Libya, and Egypt, “it contains more than 150,000 cubic kilometers of groundwater—more water than the Nile River discharges in 500 years.”

Using chloride isotopes to date groundwater under Egypt’s Eastern Desert, researchers determined that water in smaller, shallower aquifers is continuously refilled by a larger, deeper aquifer, dated to the last ice age. The presence of radioactive isotope chlorine-36, which has a half-life of 300,000 years, indicated that groundwater samples collected from 29 wells scattered around the Eastern Desert, were more than 200,000 years old!

Water permeates every facet of our lives and history. From the origins of the earth and global creation myths to the development of agriculture, the rise and fall of civilizations, rapidly evolving technologies, to the bottle of water always within arms reach, water holds the record of our past, present, and future.

To preserve existing sources and regenerate old ones, each and every one of us needs to pause and consider the invisible source of life abused and taken for granted- groundwater.

Credits: Archaeology unearthed @ Quora Read full article here


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