Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale


This year,

Lakonia Black Friday Sale

gives you

more than ever before!


From now until Tuesday, Nov 29th:

✔️ FREE SHIPPING across Texas with delivery in time for ALL orders over $20!

✔️ BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on amazing jars of super premium Malva Green and Kalamata Olives means you can get 0.4 gallons of Greek olives at $20 AND FREE SHIPPED!

✔️ 20% OFF on Lakonia’s Best Seller the 1/2 gallon of Greek Country OIive Mix fused in 2 bottles of EVOO and natural Greek Herbs & Spices!

Already a customer? 

Black Friday Exclusive Specials are now ready to roll!

Check your email and reach for the coupons entitling you to the following:


🛍Start Shopping

BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF Sitewide Sales!

Endless choices from 32 different product codes

now at unbeatable prices!


50% OFF on the Taste Of Greece!

Our special gourmet gift box collection is down to half price

including Holiday Season Gift Wrap!

☝️Please notice offers are good for a limited number of items.

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