10 Creative Ways to Treat you Mom on Mother’s Day

10 Creative Ways to Treat you Mom on Mother’s Day

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No matter what kind of mother you have, she has undoubtedly shaped who you are and the person you have become.

This day is about showing her just how much she means to you and letting her know how grateful you are for everything she’s done starting from the most precious one:

She is the one to nurse you and bring you to this life!

The best way to thank her is by treating her with the kindness and courtesy she deserves.

And there are so many lovely ways to do that and show her how much you care!

Here are some ideas we picked for you and hope to find inspiring to create your own Thanks Mom project 😀

1. Spend the day together

Plan a fun activity to do with your mom,  whether that’s a trip to a museum, a brunch, or a walk in the park.

The best part of spending time together is being able to spend quality time with the person who means the most to you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to express your love to the superhero of your life!

2. Make it special for her

Whether that means planning a day full of activities or simply bringing her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, making it a special day will mean a lot to her.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could try making your own Mother’s Day bouquet out of some of your mom’s favorite flowers.

This is a beautiful way of showing her how much you care.

3. Indoors Spring fun

If your mother prefers to spend her time indoors, you can still give her something she will truly enjoy.

Perhaps a new plant or flower would be a better option. You can find plants and flowers at any gardening store or online.

It’s a great way to show your mother how much you care and make her smile.

Of course, you could always take a bouquet of flowers to work and surprise her when you return home.

If she enjoys flowers and plants, she’ll love this thoughtful gift!

4. Write a heartfelt Thank You

You can write a letter that expresses your gratitude, or you can do the deed and write her a heartfelt thank you note.

Make sure to include a personal touch, like a small gift, or even a meaningful gift card.

A simple thank you gift card can be a great way to express your gratitude because it doesn’t cost you money, but is direct, personal, and will always remind her of your deepest loving thoughts and emotions.

5. One for the digital creative enthusiasts

Make a slideshow or video of your favorite memories together.

Show her clips of you growing up, silly childhood moments, and the good times you’ve had since becoming an adult.

Include a few photos of you two looking back on your relationship and laughing.

Then finish off the video or slideshow with a clip of you laughing together now, and a few words of appreciation from you.

6. More handcrafted gift ideas

Design your own mother’s day card based on a photo collage.

Choose a photo theme and gather photos that tell your story.

Cut out photos you want to use and glue them to a card.

Choose a font and write a heartfelt message on the card.

A collage of photos from your family’s past so your mom can enjoy reminiscing about her life is always a great way to go.

You can use this opportunity to also thank her for being a part of your family.

You can design the collage, and have family members and friends add their photos!

7. Monogrammed items

Are a great gift idea because they show your mom how much you care.

You can customize any piece of clothing or household item by adding her name.

For example, you could monogram a scarf or coffee mug with her name and your birthday and the siblings’ birthdays.

8. Breakfast at Mom’s

This is another great way to thank your mom and show her you truly care.

The morning is the best time to pamper her, so plan a special breakfast to prepare for her when the weekend arrives after a long week.

Make sure to include some special treat, anything that would make its way on the table of her favorite breakfast!

9. Cocooning with Mom

Surprise her with a weekend getaway surely sounds great but you can really make a big deal out of it and offer to treat your mom to an all-day TV-watching marathon of her favorite show or even the news!

Include some popcorn, a favorite drink, and even a coupon for your favorite chain restaurant.

This is an easy – cozy – fun way to show your mom that you’re thinking of her and how much you appreciate her.

Simply spend time with her doing the things she likes, together!

Speaking of togetherness…

10. Try a new recipe, together!

You can make a special occasion out of this by serving a romantic meal or having mom try something new.

Craft a special dinner for two, cook her favorite meal together, or even better, try a new recipe to make it more fun!

You can browse through Lakonia Family’s recipes to get more ideas and pick the one that fits your mood best.

Oh yes! Keep the mood fun and take pictures to make new memories!


In conclusion 

Everything becomes wonderful when doing it with ma!

Plan a girls’ day or take her to a spa.

Do something fun and new together.

Have some fun together by going out to an event!

🎉 Here is a nice one happening on May 7th and we are going to be there as well😀


Whatever you choose to do, the goal is to keep things light and fun, and take lots of photos so you can look back on these moments years from now and smile!

This Mother’s day may be the beginning of a new chapter for you and her.

Mother’s Day is here to remind us that we don’t need to wait for next Mother’s Day to say thanks to our very own superheroes.

Every day is “love you mom” day!

What is your favorite Thanks Mom idea? Share yours in the comments section below.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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