Greek Wines – Palivou Nemea

Greek Wines – Palivou Nemea

Introducing you to selected wines from some of the most significant Greek wine estates!

Selected, multi-awarded products with international recognition.

In this episode: 

1. Palivou Estate – Nemea Red Wine


Palivou Estate owns one of the two largest vineyards in the ancient Greek wine production zone of NEMEA

The area of Ancient Nemea, where viniculture continues non-stop for 3,500 years, is where more than 74 acres of vineyards are planted mostly with the Greek variety of AGIORGITIKO.

In 1995, Palivou’s old traditional treading tank was replaced by a contemporary winery; the Estate began its new, extremely dynamic era.

In a place, which has been characterized as the Name of Origin for what is probably the most important Greek red variety AGIORGITIKO, Palivou Estate now owns one of the two largest vineyards in the zone of NEMEA.

Other varieties include Rodites, Malagousia, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, all lavishly offering grapes that produce award-winning wines of unique personality and character.

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Palivou Estate’s Nemea Red Wine


 PALIVOU ESTATE NEMEA is more than a tasty red wine.

Protected Designation of Origine (PDO) Nemea

This single variety 100% Agiorgitiko wine is the flagship of Palivou VIneyards.

The vinification process consists of 5 days of cold maceration and then traditional red vinification using after-fermentation’s infusion methods, and strict control of temperature.

Aging for 12 months in French barrels 30% news, 30% second, and 30% third use, followed by 6 months aging in the bottle.

Wine tasting notes distinguish this thick, dark-colored wine with aggressive tannins, from all Agiorgitiko wines out there.

Its impressive aromas of dark black cherries, vanilla with chocolate notes, and toasted wood add to a full body with good structure, rich in tannins that give a long aftertaste.

Ideal for:

Juicy red meats accompanied by rich aromatic sauces

Recommended Cheeses: Greek Graviera, Cheddar

Makes a great match with Greek Black and Green Olives

Best served at a temperature of 60 ° F – 64 ° F




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This wine is accompanied by an impressive award record:

Gold Medal, vintage 1996, Selection Mondiales des Bruxelles (Belgium)
Mention Decouverte, vintage 1996, Selectiones Mondiales (Montreal)
Seal of Approval, vintage 1998, International Wine Challenge
3 stars, vintage 1999, Prowein (Germany)
Gold Medal, vintage 2000, Vinalies International (France)
Silver Medal, vintage 2001, Selection Mondiaales des Vins (Canada)
Bronze Medal, vintage 2001, International Wine Contest (Belgium)
Silver Medal, vintage2001, MundusVini (Germany)
Gold Medal, vintage 2001, Concours International du Vin (Greece)
Silver Medal, vintage 2001, Concours International du Vin (Greece)
2 stars, vintage 2003, Prowein (Germany)
Silver Medal, vintage2003, International Wine Contest (Belgium)
Quality Certificate, vintage 2003, Mundus Vini (Germany)
Silver Medal,vintage 2004, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (Belgium)
Wines of Excellent Quality, vintage 2004, Wein Allesuber (Germany)
Silver Medal, vintage 2004, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (Belgium)
Silver Medal, vintage 2004, Concours International du Vin (Greece)
Quality Certificate, vintage 2004, Mundus Vini (Germany)
Silver Medal, vintage 2005, Concours International du Vin (Greece)
Bronze Medal, vintage 2006, Concours Mondial des Bruxelles (Belgium)
Gold Medal, vintage 2005, Concours International du Vin (Greece)
Gold Medal, vintage 2006, Concours International du Vin (Greece)
Silver Medal, vintage 2005, International Wine & Spirits Competition (Greece)
Gold Medal, vintage 2005 & 2006, International Wine & Spirits Competition (Greece)
Bronze Medal, vintage 2008, China Someliers Wine Challenge (China)
Silver Medal, Finger Lakes International
Gold Medal, Tasters Guild, International Wine Judging
Best Red Wine, Interwine China, 2005- 2011
90/100, vintage 2011, Robert Parker- The Wine Advocate (USA)
87/100, vintage 2012, Robert Parker- The Wine Advocate (USA)
89/100, vintage 2013, Robert Parker- The Wine Advocate (USA)
88/100, vintage 2014, Robert Parker- The Wine Advocate (USA)


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