Five (Plus One) Truly Greek Tastes That Turn Thanksgiving Family Gatherings Into Holly Jolly Parties

Five (Plus One) Truly Greek Tastes That Turn Thanksgiving Family Gatherings Into Holly Jolly Parties

Making Your Turkey-Day

Whole Lot Better

Here follows five (plus one) Thanksgiving taste intensifiers that can turn your Thanksgiving gathering into a Gobble Wobble party!


Greek Honey comes in a variety of tastes, types, and styles as versatile as the country itself that produces it. You may be familiar and accustomed to honey-glazed Turkey as a must-taste for Thanksgiving, but you can make your table brim with sweetness by using honey from start to end across all its plates!

Start with an Amuse Bouche of Warm Goat Cheese with Honey. 

Savory Goat Cheese and Honey Bites are the perfect 4-ingredient appetizers for your next gathering or holiday party. Flaky pastry topped with creamy goat cheese, sweet honey, and thyme makes an easy entertaining idea!  A wonderful baked goat cheese recipe you can check online at our beloved Portland-based homemaker, Erin Henry’s website

And finish your honey-glazed Turkey Day with…

Greek yogurt, honey, and walnuts!

We grew up eating this. So simple, yet so classic, it is hard to find words to explain the magic that happens in your system when it gets in touch with this combo a trois.

It is healthy, kids love it, it is aphrodisiac, mouth refreshing, it helps digestion, it is easy to make like 1 minute on the spot and off to serve!

You will find numerous easy-to-make variations of this must-have dessert online, but we stick with the classic:

Greek Yoghurt, your favorite Greek honey from Lakonian Mani and the island of Crete, and fresh, out-of-the-shell walnuts!

Extra Tip: Keylan cinnamon powder and blue-red berries turn this into an instant festive treat.

Did you know? Greek yogurt is thicker, smoother, and creamier than normal yogurt. It’s almost as if you’re indulging in a dessert rather than a healthy snack! The whey from the milk is extracted from the Greek product, hence why it’s so much thicker than ordinary yogurt.

2. Olives

Olives have been used for eons and are still being used in a variety of ways. They appeared to spread to the Mediterranean region some 6,000 years ago. Ancient Greeks and Romans later grew olives, which they ate as an aperitif with wine.

Olives were regarded as a symbol of fertility in ancient Greece and in medieval Europe. The theory has been proven right by modern scientific evidence demonstrating that ingesting olive oil can lower inflammation in the body and aid in ovulation and conception.

Not thinking about it much these days, but olives and celery, two of the most unusual delicacies, were essential must-haves on the American menu in every traditional Thanksgiving feast for nearly a century.

Olives, in particular, were considered “exotic and upper-crust.” Olives were also regarded as a “celebrational sort of food,” rather than something consumed on a daily basis.

This brings us to…

Olives on the Thanksgiving table!

Undeniably, a gorgeous selection of various color olives placed in a nice garnish plate serves great for pre-dinner picking but there is more.

Of course, there’s the bowl of the whole, pitted olives on the table for picking up before the party, but why stop there? 

💡  Put whole olives into your stuffing or create a chutney with crumbled olives, olive oil, dried lemon peel or citrus fruit zest, and capers for a sea-salty touch.

💡 Stuff between the skin and turkey breast and voila! Wonderful smells are going to fill up the house and prepare your guests for the maximum taste experience.

This delicacy, seasoned with herbs and spices, sage, walnuts, pecans, and any of your favorite nuts as the cherry on top, is ready to become a Thanksgiving tradition in your family!

Special Thanks Giving Offer!

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3. Olive Oil

In ancient Greece, olive oil was used to massage nobles and athletes. It was used to fuel the “eternal flame” of the original Olympic games, which was burning in temples’ sacred lamps. Its branches and leaves were used to crown the winners of the consecrated games.

According to Greek Mythology, Poseidon, the sea god, and Athena, the goddess of knowledge, battled to choose the most precious gift for humanity. The horse was donated by Poseidon, while the olive tree was offered by Athena.

The olive tree was chosen as the most valued because of its numerous purposes, including providing heat, food, medicine, and perfume, and in exchange for Athena’s generosity to offer such a gift, the most powerful city in Greece was named Athens in her honour and to thank her.

See how it all adds up to… Thanksgiving?

💡  For any salad in your Thanksgiving meal, extra virgin olive oil is the obvious move. Combine a fruitier, delicate oil like Malva 0,02 with a touch of honey and some citrus juice, for a light and refreshing vinaigrette. Add Messino Honey Vinegar for a more gamy, sweet, and sour result.

💡  Make your turkey extra crispy and tasty by coating it with a layer of cold-pressed olive oil.   

💡  Preheat a cup of olive oil on the stovetop with Herbs and Spices, add as much garlic as you want (there is no limit when it comes to garlic), and massage the bird’s back with love during the roasting session. This keeps the skin crisp and brings more layers of flavor to the dish as the procedure goes on.

💡 Although baking with olive oil may seem tricky, including olive oil in pastry recipes is quite straightforward. Simply replace some of the butter in cakes and cookies with Malva EVOO. It will make them softer and lighter plus olive oil extends their lifespan, which is a great plus.


4. Herbs and Spices

Oh, the bird seasoning!

Whatever method you select to season your turkey this year, as long as you use well-crafted top-quality ingredients, you’ll have a delicious meal that your guests will look back on and leave with no words to describe. Seasoning does make the difference!

When it comes to seasoning our selection of Greek Herbs and Spices Mix, is more than a taste intensifier and becomes a cooking gadget!

This secret blend has its own magical way to wake up childhood memories.

💡 Season under the skin and use the same Herbs and Spices Mix (but in fewer quantities) in busting, brining, and even the sauce. Herbs and Spices can become the “glue” that connects all different cooking elements of your table into one homogeneous and harmonious taste of glory!  

5. Vinegar

Okay, we all know more or less how it works with salads.

But, brining the turkey breast with acid before cooking, tenderizes the flesh and adds moisture and flavor while preserving the meat texture.

Lakonia Imports offers the holy triad of Messino balsamic bottles of vinegar, and boy they were meant to make the difference.

From glazing to gravies to dipping plates, the aromatic taste of Lakonia Imports balsamic vinegars brings love to your cooking.              

💡 If you are not the host this year, these can still make a great gift that you will enjoy instantly with the whole family on the table. See the full range here.

Plus One

Speaking of Gifts

Two amazing gift boxes with Truly Yours, Truly Greek goodies for the foodies are waiting for you to discover them and help you say a very special Thank You while offering the most pleasant surprise to your Thanksgiving convives.

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