Can You Cook With Olive Oil?

Can You Cook With Olive Oil?


The beautiful taste of the Mediterranean would literally be incomplete without the small yet mighty olive!

Cooking with this wonder of nature, specifically when using its oil, is literally considered one of the three core elements regarding this cuisine.

Although it is true that as EVOO heats some flavor may escape, oils of higher quality can be used at higher temperatures while holding much of the flavor.

The fact remains that the use of olive oil in cooking is still one of the healthiest ways to incorporate the oil into your favorite dishes and provides many benefits when cooking up a meal.

Whether you are looking for a condiment, preparing for a BBQ, or looking for a healthier way to enjoy some of your favorite, decadent meals, we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to really get extra out of your EVOO!

Five Cooking Hacks Using EVOO

Using olive oils in your dishes will provide an extra level of detail and flavor. We’ve discussed the many benefits of this wondrous oil; however, one of its truly great characteristics is its ability to simply elevate a dish.

Wow your guests or maybe even just yourself with these five great ways to use EVOO:

  1. The Perfect Marinade – Using your olive oil as a marinade is the perfect way to enhance the flavor of your food without sacrificing its own integrity. Many marinades can take over a protein or vegetable, losing the star of the dish in the end result. By using quality olive oil, you can add your own seasonings such as garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, orange, etc. and create a customized marinade and flavor profile for each dish.
  2. Vinaigrettes and Finishing Touches – A popular use on salads and various pasta, olive oils are perfect for adding additional flavors that work together as you build on top of a cooked dish. Experiment with numerous acids such as different kinds of vinegar and citrus for a bright and fresh option to add to salads. Truffle infused oils can take your mac-n-cheese from the Thanksgiving side dish to upstaging the turkey.
  3. Seasoning/Creating a Non-Stick Surface – EVOO is the perfect candidate to use when “seasoning” a cast iron pot or BBQ grill surface. By using this precious oil, you allow for a healthier and cleaner finish to your overall surface that will compliment a wide range of dishes. A cooking hack that is especially helpful is to apply an extra amount to your grill once heated when cooking with seafood. Fish are delicious; however, their flakiness and tenderness can also make them difficult to cook with. Adding a little extra to your grill surface with napkins or a towel will help you keep your protein intact when removing or flipping. Just be sure to exercise caution when dealing with flames and oil.
  4. Fried Chicken, Only Healthier – The sky is blue, water is wet, the south loves fried chicken. These are things we know. But let’s be honest, while an absolute staple, deep frying a chicken breast in oil isn’t exactly the first recipe a nutritionist is going to point to. If you’re looking for a cheat day idea or just looking to simply make a healthier lifestyle choice, try coating chicken breast in flour and seasoning and using a shallow pan to heat up olive oil to shallow fry your protein. Depending on the size of your chicken, the times may vary; however, it is recommended that your chicken’s internal temperature reach 165° before consumption. A thinner piece should take you about 6 to 8 mins per side on medium to medium-high heat if fried uncovered.
  5. Substitute Olive Oil for Your Butter – Even in dishes that require baking, replacing the butter used for olive oil will result in a healthier cooking experience. Garlic bread? Skip the butter and watch your high-quality olive oil create bold flavors with a fraction of the calories. Using your olive oil instead of butter for dishes like cookies is another kitchen hack to a healthier method of cooking.

There is almost nothing olive oil isn’t capable of when it comes to the kitchen. Dishes are enhanced in a mature and complex manner while maintaining that each food continues to be the star of the show.

Cooking the Mediterranean Way

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate EVOO into your dishes. The limits of olive oil are basically your imagination as this delicious cooking tool provides both professional chefs and home chefs alike with a great way to expand dishes and elevate meals.

If you would like to take your next cooking adventure to the next level, see what our delicious EVOOs can do for you.

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