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Messino Honey Balsamic – 8.4 oz

Messino Honey Balsamic – 8.4 oz

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This Greek balsamic vinegar stands out from the rest because it is crafted from grapes that have been kissed by the sun and dried under its warm rays. This unique process imparts a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity, resulting in a truly distinctive flavor and vibrant color. Exceed the limits of taste by using some in your dressings, marinades, BBQ sauce, ice cream, and even cocktails!

Our balsamic vinegar that has matured for at least 6 months in tanks, is upgraded and harmoniously combined with Greek flower honey and the well-known Balsamic with Messino honey is created. This award-winning recipe, which is a sweet variation of the classic taste of Balsamic, stands out for its thicker texture, rich aroma, balanced sweet and sour taste and caramel color. No sugars are added, but its sweet taste comes from the natural fermentation of wort and of course honey. It is recommended for exuberant dishes with rich flavor and lovers of intense, sweet flavors.

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