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Go Texan Bundle

Go Texan Bundle

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Enjoy our Go Texas Bundle. A delightful combination of our renowned Greek Country Olives, delicately preserved in 100% extra virgin olive oil, and our exquisite Greek Herbs & Spices. This irresistible bundle is perfect for livening up any party, enhancing the flavors of salads, or simply indulging in a satisfying snack. Unleash the full potential of your dishes by incorporating our Greek Herbs and Spices, adding a tantalizing depth of flavor to every bite.

Forget about the hassle of refrigerating olives after opening – our olives are specially crafted to retain their freshness without the need for chilling. To ensure the ultimate preservation of their delectable taste, our olives must remain submerged in their luxurious olive oil bath. Elevate your culinary experience with our Go Texas Bundle – a match made in gastronomic heaven.

We are proud to have our Greek Country Olives approved by the GoTexan Association.

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